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HEC USAT Preparation Book PDF | USAT Guide

USAT HEC Test Preparation Material Book PDF

Are you in need of the HEC USAT Preparation Book PDF and want to secure admission to Punjab University (PU) or other universities? You’ve come to the right place if that’s what you’re looking for! Last year, HEC started offering the USAT as a new type of entrance examination.

Based on the SAT examination in the United States, this test follows the same format. In order to be admitted to Punjab University, one of Pakistan’s top universities for undergraduate studies, applicants now have to complete the USAT. This news was announced recently by PU’s Vice-Chancellor on Twitter.

For the purpose of practice and guidance, I am sharing the USAT Preparation Book with you. Designing and evaluating students accordingly is a good practice for teachers. It is possible to pass the USAT exam with the help of the HEC USAT Book. The DOGAR Publishers HEC USAT Book contains all the material you need to prepare for the HEC USAT Exam.

Eligibility Criteria for USAT 2022

  • Intermediate students who have passed the inter exam.
  • Examinees awaiting results after taking the final examination.
  • Any student who has completed 12 years of education or the equivalent.

Syllabus for Undergraduate Studies Admission Test ( USAT 2022)

In the USAT test, there are two sections, part one consists of multiple choice questions and part two consists of essay writing.  Here are the details:

Part-I MCQ Based 

  • Verbal Reasoning MCQs 35
  • Quantitative Reasoning MCQs 40
  • Time allowed 100 minutes

Part-II Essay Writing

  • Essay writing skills 400-500 words (You can write in Urdu or English) 25 Marks
  • Time allowed 40 minutes

The passing score to qualify for USAT is 50. If students pass this test, they will be able to enroll in any university of their choice. In USAT, a perfect score of 100 would be the highest possible.

USAT Preparation Book For Entry Test 2022

Most students are concerned about preparing for the test due to a lack of knowledge about its syllabus. There are most topics you need to know covered in the USAT guidebook, which you can download here. It will allow you to secure your spot in an undergrad program by providing you with a comprehensive guide to test preparation. Here’s the USAT test preparation book.

Download PDF Book

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