2nd Year Pak Study Notes

2nd Year Pak Study Notes of All Chapters

Kips FSC Part 2 (12th Class) Pakistan Studies Notes | Punjab Boards

2nd year pak study notes

We know you are searching for FSc 2nd year Pak study notes Urdu medium in good quality to download. That’s the reason, we uploaded the best quality comprehensive notes of fsc part 2 Pakistan studies notes. These class 12 Pak study notes are from KIPS Notes Series and are in a good format. These notes are equally beneficial for all Punjab boards. You can easily download these notes or view them online. [quads id=2]

Chapter 1 - Genesis of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Chapter 2 - Early Problems of the Republic of Pakistan

Chapter 3 - Geography of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Chapter 4 - Steps Towards a Republic of Pakistan

Chapter 5 - Administrative of Pakistan and the Concept of Good Governance

Chapter 6 - Culture of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Chapter 7 - Pakistani Languages

Chapter 8 - National Integration and Prosperity

Chapter 9 - Economic Planning and Development in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan-

Chapter 10 - Foreign Policy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan -

2nd Year Pak Study Notes for Punjab Board Students

Pakistan Studies is an important subject in which we study all about Pakistan and about its policies. It is an easy subject and most of the students pass it. But they do not get high marks in the exam because they consider it too easy a subject. So, you have to give a proper time this subject too. Because 2nd year Pak study is easy and guarantee you to secure good marks in the final exam. pak studies notes for 12th class.

We divided these notes into three main parts as questions to be asked in the exams. These three parts are, MCQs, short questions, and long questions. Our Pak studies notes for the 2nd Year contain all the long questions, Exercise short questions, extra short questions, and MCQs. We also add additional MCQs and short questions of fsc part 2 Pak study. these notes are in Urdu medium and easily downloadable. Class 12 Pakistan Studies notes according to all Punjab board syllabus. Contains exercise, review questions, MCQs, important board questions.

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