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9th Class English Notes

9th Class English Comprehension Of Passages – Notes

Here are the 9th Class English Solved Comprehension Of Passages Notes which you can download easily from our website. This comprehension of passages in solved format with their Urdu meaning. You can download complete pdf from below.

9th Class English Comprehension

1-       One day a wolf felt (محسوس کیا) very hungry. He wandered(گھومنا) here and there in search (تلاش) of food but he could not find anything to eat. At last, he saw a flock of sheep (بھیڑوں کا ریوڑ) grazing(چررہا) in a pasture (چراہ گاہ). He wanted to eat one but they were guarded (حفاظت کرنا) by a hound (شکاری کتا). The shepherd’s (چرواہے کا) son was also tending (دیکھ بھال) the flock vigilantly (چوکنا ہو کر). The wolf found himself helpless (بے یارو مددگار). At last he hit upon a plan (خیال سوجھنا). He hid himself in the skin(کھال) of a sheep and safely (احتیاط سے) went into the flock. The hound could not find out the wolf in disguise(حلیے). He killed a sheep and ate it without being caught (پکڑے جانے). In this way, he ate up many sheep and their number began(شروع) to fall (کم ہونا) every day. The shepherd was greatly worried(پریشان) but could not find out the thief(چور).

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