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9th Class English Idioms and Phrases – Notes

9th Class English Important Idioms

We know you are searching for 9th class English Idioms and Phrases notes in PDF to download. Here we upload all most important idioms with Urdu meaning for 9th class. You can view these idioms here on website or download for free. We collected 55 most important idioms & phrases from 9th class English book. These idioms repeated a lot in all Punjab board exams. Download Link is given below.

1) Century صدی This century will make our life modern and easier.
2) Conquest فتح The conquest of Makah is an important event in the history of Islam.
3) Influential موثر Quaid-e-Azam was an influential political leader.
4) Determination عزم Saad has succeeded by his determination.
5) Delegation وفد Our country sent an industrial delegation to Turkey.
6) Quietly خاموشی سے I slipped quietly out of the back door.
7) Urge خواہش I have a pressing urge to become a doctor.
8) Ignorance جہالت We should eliminate ignorance from our society.
9) Unparalleled بے مثال The love that we receive from our parents is unparalleled.
10) Beauty خوبصورتی Beauty needs no ornaments.
11) Sacrifice قربانی  We should sacrifice our lives for the country.
12) Commendable قابل تعریف His performance is commendable.
13) Prosperity خوشحالی We should work hard for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.
14) Invasion حملہ We should always be ready to defend foreign invasion.
15) Motherland مادر وطن I live in my motherland.
16) Responsible ذمہ دار Everyone is responsible for his own deeds.
17) Nationalism قومیت پرستی The Muslims believe in Islamic brotherhood, not in nationalism
18) Geared up تیار/ مشتاق All the students were geared up to listen their teacher.
19) Global village عالمی گاؤں The world has become a global village due to the fastest electronic media.
20) A click away ایک اشارہ پر Buying and selling is just a click away through the Internet.
21) Constructive role تعمیری کردار Media plays a very constructive role in our society.
22) Raise awareness شعور پیدا کرنا Media raises awareness about many social issues like corruption.
23) To keep an eye نظر رکھنا We should keep an eye over enemy.
24) A mouthpiece of the downtrodden غریبوں کی جگہ پر بولنے والا Media has also become a mouthpiece of the downtrodden
25)  Mad with anger غصے سے پاگل Fozia was made with anger when her son broke the glass.
26) Reveal the secret راز بتانا We should not reveal the secrets of our country
27) Resolute پکا I have resolute faith in Allah
28) Migration ہجرت The migration of the Holy Prophet (SAW) from Makkah to Madina was a great significance.
29) Companion ساتھی Ahmad was my companion on the journey.
30) Refuge پناہ گا She took refuge in a cottage.
31) Gave Away دے دی He gave away all his money to the poor.
32) Determined پر عزم I am determined to become a doctor.
33) Bits and pieces بکھر جانا We should not divide into bit and pieces.
34) Man in the street عام آدمی The government does not understand the problems of the man in the street.
35) Raising sprit جزبہ بڑھانا We should get a lesson from Quaid’s raising sprit.
36) Pass-Through میں سے گزرنا Pakistan is now passing through difficult times.
37) Fall a prey شکار ہونا He fell a prey to T.B. and died.
38) Impressive متاثر کن She is very impressive.
39) Dexterously مہارت سے She works dexterously at knitting work.
40) Spacious وسیع We live in a very spacious house.
41) Humility عاجزی Hazrat Asma (RA) was a model of humility.
42) Flamboyant شاندار/زرق برق She wears flamboyant dress.
43) In Vain بے فائدہ I tried to bring him round but all in vain.
44) Fight a lost battle ہاری ہوئی جنگ America is fighting a lost battle in Asia.
45) Shock at جھٹکا لگا He was shocked at his friend’s death.
46) Ironic smile طنزیہ مسکراہٹ His ironic smile broke my heart.
47) Attend to متوجہ ہونا Attend to the announcement of departure time of new flight.
48) Made up mind ذہن بنانا I made up my mind to help her.
49) Look for کی تلاش Who are you looking for?
50) Bear fruit فائدہ مند ہونا My efforts bore fruit at last.
51) Pollution آلودگی Pollution is a big problem for the modern world.
52) pollutant آلودہ کرنے والا Careless use of technology has made it pollutant.
53) Construct تعمیر کرنا Mason is constructing a new building.
54) Develop بڑھانا We should try to develop a civic sense.
55) Development ترقی The government is encouraging the development of small business.

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