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9th Class English Notes

9th Class English Important Active Passive Voice Solved

9th Class English Change Of Voice Sentences with Answers

As a result, you are seeing 9th class English important active passive voice exercises with answers. We collect these active-passive sentences from previous board exams and provide its solution. You can easily download these active and passive voice exercises with answers in PDF. These are the most important change of voice sentences that repeatedly asked in all Punjab board exams.

PDF download link is at the end of this post

AThe driver opened the door of the car.PThe door of the car was opened by the driver.
AThe boy makes the picture.PThe picture is made by the boy.
AThe mother loves the children.PThe children are loved by the mother.
AThey are buying this house.PThis house is being bought by them.
AShe has not beaten the dog.PThe dog has not been beaten by her.
AShe bought five video films.PFive video films were bought by her.
AShe gave me five films.PI was given five films by her.
AWhy did she write such a letter?PWhy was such a letter written by her?
AShe was teaching the students.PThe students were being taught by her.
AThey had gained nothing.PNothing had been gained by them.
AHe will write a letter.PA letter will be written by him.
AWe shall have killed the snake.PThe snake will have been killed by us.
AShe likes apples.PApples are liked by her.
AThe boy is climbing the wall.PThe wall is being climbed by the boy.
AWe did not hear a sound.PA sound was not heard by us.
AThey have bought a horse.PA horse has been bought by them.
AThe board has given me a gold medal.PI have been given a gold medal by the board.
AHe praised the boy for his courage.PThe boy was praised by him for his courage.
AThe teacher was helping the students.PThe students were being helped by the teacher.
AWhy were they beating the boy?PWhy was the boy being beaten by them?
AThey have not done their job.PTheir job has not been done by them.
AA car ran over an old man.PAn old man was run over by a car.
AHe will give you a box of chocolate.PYou will be given a box of chocolate by him.
AHe had told me to do it.PI had been told by him to do it.
AThey had not done their home task.PTheir home task had not been done by them.
AWe shall have finished our work by March next.POur work will have been finished by us by March next.
AHe took away my books.PMy books were taken away by him.
AThe sudden noise frightened the child.PThe child was frightened by the sudden noise.
AWe use milk for making cheese.PMilk is used by us for making cheese.
AWhy is he mending the chair?PWhy is the chair being mend by him?
AThe doctor asked her to stay in bed.PShe was asked by the doctor to stay in the bed.
AThey caught the thief.PThe thief was caught by them.

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