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2nd Year English Notes

2nd Year English Grammar Rules For Sentence Correction

2nd Year English Grammar Notes PDF Download

We know you are looking for 2nd Year English Grammar Rules For Sentence Correction. Here we upload all grammar sentence correction rules for 2nd year English. These notes contain all part of speech correction including noun, pronoun, verbs, adverbs, adjectives and articles. These are the part of the curriculum for second year English MCQs part.

  • In Examples first sentence is an incorrect sentence, and the second one is Correct.
  • Read the rule carefully and then move to example.
  • For extra preparation read the following contents completely that is beneficial for Paragraph Translation and Essay Writing.
  • Here are some rules for preview complete notes are given below for downloading.

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1.The noun ” wages, tidings, innings news, sports, measles, AIDS, statistics, mathematics, politics, civics, ethics, ” are followed by singular verbs (v-i+s/es) and helping verbs.
ExampleWages of sin are hell. (Incorrect)

Wages of sin is hell.    (correct)

2.we use some qualifying words to make the plural of certain noun such as advice, work rice etc. head of cattle, grains of salt, a piece of advice.
ExampleI have many works to do. (Incorrect)

I have many pieces of work to do. (correct)

3.As a general rule, we do not make the plural of certain noun such as scenery, poor, cattle, furniture, fish, hair, sheep, etc.
ExampleThe sceneries of Kashmir are very beautiful. (Incorrect)

The scenery of Kashmir is beautiful. (correct)

4.The nouns, “trousers, gallows, brows, tongs, spectacles, breasts, chest,” are always plural and must be followed by plural verbs and plural helping verbs.
ExampleAli was wearing a very costly spectacle. (Incorrect)

Ali was wearing very costly spectacles. (Correct)

5.After certain words ” be, is, am, are, was, were, than ” we use subjective case of pronoun. Subjective case:(I, we, you, they, he, she, it)
ExampleAil is taller than me. (Incorrect)

Ail is taller than I. (Correct)

6.After all kinds of prepositions and forms of the verb, we use the objective case of pronoun. objective cases: (me, us, them, him, her etc.)
ExampleIf anyone has any doubt, refer he to I . (Incorrect)

If anyone has doubt, refer him to me. (correct)

7.we never use apostrophes “ “with the following possessive pronoun. possessive pronoun (ours, yours, hers, theirs, its)
Example  I am obediently your’s  (incorrect)

I am obediently yours. (correct)

8.Before “-ing form of the verb as a noun(Gerund)”, we always use possessive objectives. possessive objectives ( my, our, your, their, her, his, its)
ExampleThe girl objected him coming to the party. (Incorrect)

The girl objected his coming to the party. (Correct)

9.Certain words “avail, absent, avenge, enjoy” are followed by self-form of pronoun if there is no object afterword.
ExampleI shall avail of this opportunity. (Incorrect)

I shall avail myself of this opportunity. (Correct)

10.“Every, each and singular noun” are to be replaced by third-person singular pronoun “He”.
Example  Every one of the boys thought that they were not guilty. (Incorrect)

 Every one of the boys thought that he was not guilty. (Correct)

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