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2nd Year Chemistry Online MCQs Test

2nd Year Chemistry Full Book Online MCQs Test | Quiz

12st Class Chemistry Full Book Online MCQs Test

You can take this 2nd Year Chemistry Full Book Online Test here. With the online test, students will be able to assess their knowledge and skills. The purpose of this test is not just to teach you, but also to help you improve your grades. If you want to achieve full marks in your exams, take this online test. You should try out all the online tests before your exam to make sure you are prepared.

This test is composed of all sixteen chapters. You have to prepare all the topics of every chapter, especially focusing on the exercises of all chapters. There are more than 400+ MCQs at the backend, whenever you restart the quiz new MCQs will appear every time. Check your exam preparation now and get a certificate too!!!

2nd Year Chemistry Full Book Quiz

 Online Test Instructions

 Type: MCQs
 Total Questions: 20
 Total Marks: 20
 Time: 10 minutes

 Questions will be shuffled each time you start the test.
 You cannot skip any question.
 Once you are finished, click the See Results button.

You will get a certificate from taleemcity if your marks in the quiz are more than 60%.

Enter your name.

1 / 20

1) Vital force theory was rejected by

2 / 20

2) Which of the following can be used as catalyst in Friedal cafts reaction

3 / 20

3) Which one of the following gases is used for artificial ripening of fruits

4 / 20

4) The various compounds corresponding to molecular formula C4H10 are:

5 / 20

5) The hydrolysis of sugar is called

6 / 20

6) Which of the following halogen is in solid form at room temperature:

7 / 20

7) Benzene cannot undergo

8 / 20

8) Glucose and fructose are isomers:

9 / 20

9) Sulphur is not present in:

10 / 20

10) The total number of transition elements is

11 / 20

11) The amino acid which body can synthesize are called

12 / 20

12) The octane number is 100% in petroleum

13 / 20

13) Kaolin is a mineral of:

14 / 20

14) Transition elements in 4th period are:

15 / 20

15) Which are not a meta directing group

16 / 20

16) Newspaper can be reacycled again and again by how many times

17 / 20

17) The main pollutant of leather tanneries is the waste water containing the salt of

18 / 20

18) Which of the following elements is not present abundantly in earths’ crust:

19 / 20

19) Which compound is prepared by the Stadeler’s process?

20 / 20

20) Which of the following halogen is most easily reduced:

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In order to comply with the Punjab Boards’ syllabus, we have prepared this online test for 12th class chemistry. Various boards exist in Punjab, including Gujranwala Board, Lahore Board, Faisalabad Board, Multan Board, Rawalpindi Board, Bahawalpur Board, Sargodha Board, and DG Khan Board.

In order to assist you in any way we can, we provide you with these high-quality educational resources. Despite the authors’ best efforts. It is always possible for errors to occur. Whatever your suggestions are, we would greatly appreciate them. If you have questions, please leave a comment. Please share our work with your friends to help them score higher in the FSC final exam. It is important to share it because “sharing is caring.”

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