2nd Year Chemistry Online MCQs Test

2nd Year Chemistry Chapter 10 Online MCQs Test

Here is the 2nd Year Chemistry Chapter 10 Online MCQs Test. It will provide students with the opportunity to assess their knowledge and skills through the online test. This test not only helps you learn, but it allows you to gain better grades. This online test is for those who would like to achieve full marks in their exams. It will be beneficial for you if you try all the online tests prior to your exam.

From chapter 10 Alkyl Halides, you will need to know the following topics for this test:

  • Nomenclature of Alkyl Halides
  • Methods of Preparation of Alkyl Halides
  • Reactivity of Alkyl Halides
  • Reactions of Alkyl Halides
  • Grignard Reagent

2nd Year Chemistry Chapter 10 Quiz

 Online Test Instructions

 Type: MCQs
 Total Questions: 10
 Total Marks: 10
 Time: 05 minutes

 Questions will be shuffled each time you start the test.
 You can not skip any question.
 Once you are finished, click the See Results button.

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1) Alkanes are formed when Grignard’s reagent react with

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2) Which one of the following does not affect the SN1 rate:

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3) The substances which donates a pair of electron to electrophile are called

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4) The rate of E1 reaction depends upon

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5) Elimination in biomolecules reactions involves

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6) Alkyl halides are prepared by reacting alcohols with:

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7) Alkyl halides are considered to be very reactive compounds towards nucleophiles, because:

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8) Ethyl magnesium bromide reacts with water to form

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9) Which one of the following is not a nucleophile:

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10) Carbocation is a/an

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