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10th Class Guess Papers

10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 | Punjab Boards

Chemistry Guess Paper 10th Class 2024 PDF Urdu & English Medium

You are surfing the right webpage for 10th class chemistry guess paper 2024 in English or Urdu medium. The best guess papers of 10th class chemistry have been uploaded in two formats. For all boards in Punjab, our important chemistry guesses paper from the 10th standard is valid for use. These include the BISEs in Faisalabad, Lahore, Gujranwala, Dera Ghazi Khan, Sargodha, Sahiwal, Multan, and Jammu Kashmir.

Class10th Class/ Class 10
Board10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 is valid for all Punjab Boards. Including BISE Lahore, BISE Multan, BISE Gujranwala, BISE Sahiwal, BISE Sargodha, BISE DG Khan, BISE Faisalabad, and BISE Jammu Kashmir.
Updated05 March 2024

There is some fear among students about board exams. Because of this, we will share the best 10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2024. It is not necessary to purchase guess papers from stores. Our website now makes it easy for you to download guess papers. You can download the updated guess papers for 2024 from Taleem City. This guess paper consists of Chemistry Important Question 10th Class in Both Urdu medium and English medium.

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10th Class Chemistry Guess 2024 Punjab Boards

The study of Chemistry is among the most challenging in the sciences. As far as mathematics is concerned, we can say that the subject of chemistry at the secondary level is similar to that at the primary level. Candidates who are weak in this subject, actually just don’t have an interest in this subject. You may have listened to the significance of this subject, and nothing else, at the time of taking the subject.

You still don’t seem to be able to handle it, and so it has become a major problem for you. No matter what, since complete study material has been provided and there will be lots of help, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

The one-page site may also be helpful to candidates who are also weak in any other subject. You will get all the guess papers of all subjects from there, which will enable you to pass any subject with good grades even if you are weak in one or two subjects.

10th Chemistry Important Long questions

1. (a). What is meant by a complete & incomplete reaction? Why reactions do not go to completion? Unit 9
(b). Give the macroscopic characteristics of forward reactions, reverse reactions & dynamic equilibrium. Unit 9
2. (a). State the law of mass action and derive the expression for the equilibrium constant for a given reaction A +B>< C+D / general reaction. Unit 9
(b). Explain the importance of the equilibrium constant. Unit 9
3. (a). Describe a reversible reaction with the help of an example & graph. Unit 9
(b). Compare the physical properties of acids & bases with examples. Unit 10
4. (a). Explain the Arrhenius concept of acids & bases with examples. What are the limitations of this concept? Unit 10
(b). Explain Lewis’s concept of acid & a base. Unit 10
5. (a). What are indicators? How they are used to determine the pH of acidic, basic, and neutral solutions. Unit 10
(b). Define salts. Explain the characteristics and uses of some important salts. Unit 10
6. (a). Give the application/uses of some important bases. Unit 10
(b). Explain Bronsted Lowry’s concept of an acid and base with examples. Unit 10
7. (a). Describe the important chemical properties of acids. Unit 10
(b). Write a note on the classification of organic compounds. Unit 11
8. (a). Compare the general characteristics of organic & inorganic compounds. Unit 11
(b). Define homologous series. Write its characteristics. Unit 11
9. (a). Define functional group. Explain the functional group of alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acid, esters, etc. Unit 11
(b). Explain the meaning of molecular formula, structural formula, condensed structural formula & electronic formula. Unit 11
10. (a). Define hydrocarbons. How are they classified? Unit 12
(b). Explain methods for the preparation of alkanes & alkenes. Unit 12
11. (a). Discuss the physical properties of alkenes & alkynes. Unit 12
(b). Write uses of ethane, ethane, methane & acetylene. Unit 12
12. (a). Give chemical reactions of alkanes. Unit 12
(b). Define monosaccharides & oligosaccharides. Give their characteristics. Unit 13
13. (a). Give uses and sources of carbohydrates. Unit 13
(b). Define amino acids. Explain how are they building blocks of proteins? Unit 13
14. (a). Explain the sources & uses of proteins & lipids. Unit 13
(b). Define vitamins. Discuss the types, sources, uses & importance of vitamins. Also, write the effects of deficiency of vitamins. Unit 13
15. (a). What are carbohydrates? How monosaccharides are prepared? Unit 13
(b). Define atmosphere. How the atmosphere is divided into different layers? Unit 14
16. (a). Give the characteristics of the troposphere. Why does the temperature decrease upward in the troposphere while temperature increases upward in this sphere? Unit 14

(b). Define pollutants. Which factors determine the severity of a pollutant? Discuss types of pollutants. Unit 14
17. (a). What are the oxides of carbon? What are their sources? Unit 14
(a). Define the greenhouse effect. Explain its mechanism. Unit 14
18. (a). Define global warming. Discuss its effects. Unit 14
(b). Compounds of sulfur are air pollutants. Describe the sources of these compounds along with their effects. How pollution due to SO2 can be controlled? Unit 14
19. (a). Define acid rain. How its form and what are its effects? Unit 14
(b). Where does the ozone layer lie in the atmosphere? How it is depleting and how can we prevent its depletion? Unit 14
20. (a). Describe the structure & properties of water in detail. Unit 15
(b). Water is the universal solvent. How? Unit 15
21. (a). Define softening of water? How temporary hardness & permanent hardness can be removed? Unit 15
(b). Explain important water-borne diseases. How can these be prevented? Unit 15
22. (a). How permanent hardness of water can be removed? Unit 15
(b). What are the disadvantages of hard water? Unit 15
23. (a). What is water pollution> Describe the effects of using polluted water. Unit 15
(b). Define following terms: (a) minerals (b) ores (c) gangue (d) slag Unit 16
24. (a). Define concentration of ore. Describe processes involved in it with diagrams. Unit 16
(b). How a metal is extracted from the concentrated ore by chemical methods? Explain your answer with respect to copper. Unit 16
25. (a). Write a note on ammonia Solvey’s process. Unit 16
(b). How urea is manufactured on a commercial scale? Explain with help of a diagram. Unit 16
(c). Explain the importance & status of urea. Unit 16

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