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2nd Year English Essays

Curbing Child Abuse Essay – 2nd Year English

Curbing Child Abuse in Pakistan Essay with Quotations

“Child abuse cast a shadow the length of a lifetime.”

Child abuse is defined as any act or neglect of a child’s needs by parents, day-care, someone living in their home, or from strangers, which cause physical or emotional abuse, as well as death. Child abuse is not just physical abuse but also includes domestic abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse.

A child is physically abused by an adult. Hitting, throwing, burning, biting, and pastoring are common examples of physical abuse. It is a manner towards a child. This is what stops a child’s emotional growth.

“Children need models rather than critics.”

 Sexual abuse can define as touching of private parts and inappropriate behavior of sexual nature toward children. When a parent fails to provide food, clothing, shelter, or needs for a child, this is also defined as neglect.

Domestic abuse is when child abuse occurs in the home and the abuser is, for example, the child’s parent or caregiver. It is a form of domestic violence. It includes rebuke and even hitting a child on the part of the parent or caregiver. Victorian parents often beat their children with a view of making them fit for the battle of life.

“Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun;

not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.”

Emotionally abuse is where a child is emotionally abused. An adult does not regard a child’s respect seriously. He treats a child as a pretty creation. He often beats him, he often rebukes him, he often insults him openly. He often hits his ego in front of others. Emotional abuse can also have a psychological effect; such as leaving a child to feel worthless and stupid. No child should feel worthless; in fact, children are the ornament of life and hope of the future.

Attention must be focused on the individual child at a societal level. We must take care of all the affairs of their lives and their issues immediately to ensure a brighter future. Furthermore, the prevention of child abuse is the best way to stop abuse and to protect children from damages. Therefore, what is the role of education in preventing child abuse, what are the child protective services, and how can children be kept safe?

What is the role of education in preventing child abuse? When kids are educated they’re specific and possess the right to be secure, they’re much more likely to record an offender and less likely to believe abuse is their problem.

Parents can play a vital role in stopping child abuse. Being a father or a mother, you should know the signs, report abuse, and know the types of child abuse. Education starts with simply offering your time. Assist children and their households. Begin a playgroup. Discipline your kids thoughtfully. Never discipline your kid when you’re annoyed. Allow time to yourself to relax. Recall that self-discipline is a means to educate your kid. Analyze your behavior. Misuse is not merely bodily. Both actions and words can inflict deep, enduring wounds. Be-a nurturing parent. Use your actions to demonstrate to other adults and kids that issues can be resolved without striking or screaming.

Many ways can be adopted to stop this evil. Child Protective Services is a government agency that is individually present in each state to ensure the safety and welfare of all children under the age of 18. They provide services that help children who have been abused by way of neglect, physically, emotionally, and sexually. The agency has the authority to remove children from unfit homes, but can also help adults get the education and resources they need in order to protect and raise children in a non-abusive environment themselves.

Children are like different roses.

 Don’t crush and spoil their fragrance.

As far as our duties in this regard are concerned, educate yourself and others. Teach yourself and others. Easy support for parents and kids may be the easiest means to stop child abuse. Afterschool activities, parent education courses, mentoring plans, and respite care are a few of the numerous ways to keep kids safe from injury. Educate kids about their rights. As adults, we must be caring. We must understand the indications. Mysterious accidents are not the only signs of maltreatment.

As they develop kids rely on many grownups. Family members, parents, teachers, and child-care workers all provide kids with support, love, and guidance. Teach children their rights. Nobody wants to see kids develop anxiety, frustration through abuse. But no-one is born knowing the way to look after kids. Sometimes we make errors that damage them. Adults do not need to be ideal, only ready to develop, learn, listen, and transform. When children are educated in their rights they will be safe; furthermore, child abuse will be less likely and child abuse reports will be more likely.

“Child abuse does not go away, but 90 percent of child abuse is


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