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9th Class Math Notes

Chapter 2 – 9th Class Math Notes of All Exercises

Exercise 2.1

Exercise 2.2

Exercise 2.3

Exercise 2.4

Exercise 2.5

Exercise 2.6

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  1. Assalamualaikum Sir!
    Respected Sir,
    I think that,the (III) part of Question#3 in Exercise#2.6 is not correct because 5-6√5i-6.
    There we will minus last 6 from 5

  2. Aoa.
    Thank you for this effort.
    But I can’t understand the Ex.2.1 Number line question last part. That square root 5 one. Can you please just clarify it a little in the notes so that I and some other students can hopefully understand it.
    Thank you.
    P.S Your efforts are appreciated

    1. Its a very helpful work but some parts are totally different like in EX:2.6 Q7 all parts are different which tchr told us kindly improve this thing although its a very good website😊

      1. thanks for your kind words. there can be more than one method to solve a question. these are correct you can verify from your teacher.

  3. Best try. I have also seen your test papers for matriculation and I liked them very much. There are a few mistakes in them but a very good attempt.
    May Allah bless this website with success.

    1. Assalam o alikum
      Brother ! This is very useful for those students who want to attain high level marks in 9 class.
      May Allah blessed you forever!

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