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9th Class Physics Notes

9th Class Physics Notes – (Numerical, Short, Long, MCQ’s)

9th Class Physics Notes

We know you are looking for 9th class physics notes in pdf. We have uploaded comprehensive notes on 9th class physics. You can view these class 9 physics notes or easily download them. These Urdu and English medium notes consist of solved multiple-choice questions (MCQs), short questions, Numerical of all chapters. Click the desired notes to view/download it in pdf.

Chapter 1 - Physical Quantities & Measurement

Notes with Numericals (Urdu Medium)

Chapter 2 - Kinematics

Notes with Numericals (Urdu Medium)

Chapter 3 -Dynamics

Notes with Numericals (Urdu Medium)

Chapter 4 - Turning Effect of Forces

Notes with Numericals (Urdu Medium)

Chapter 5 - Gravitation

Notes with Numericals (Urdu Medium)

Chapter 6 - Work & Energy

Notes with Numericals (Urdu Medium)

Chapter 7 - Properties of Matter

Notes with Numericals (Urdu Medium)

Chapter 8 - Thermal Properties of Matter

Notes with Numericals (Urdu Medium)

Chapter 9 - Transfer of Heat

Notes with Numericals (Urdu Medium)

Features of Our 9th Class Physics Notes

We prepare the best 9th Class physics book notes for the students. These class 9 physics notes have been written in accordance with the latest curriculum and pattern of the Punjab boards. These notes are unique in the respect that it has adopted a new curriculum to describe the question and answers of all questions. We add exercise short questions and MCQs with solved numericals of all chapters of physics.

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In solved MCQs notes and short questions, notes contain all the solved short questions of the nine chapters of Physics. Moreover, these notes consist of multiple choice question note (mcqs), solved MCQs of all chapter of 9th class physics.

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Study Notes: 9th class notes for all subjects in PDF

One more good practice is to get understanding of exam papers is to check past papers of that subject. Past Papers are also available on our website for 9th class all subjects of all Punjab boards. Previous exam papers are also the finest way to know the pattern of the final exam papers.

Past Papers: 9th class past papers for all subjects

Every Board of Punjab issues its Scheme of Studies or pairing scheme for 9th class. Physics, Chemistry, Computer, Biology, Math and Pakistan Studies are the subjects for which all boards of Punjab issue scheme of studies. We also provide up to date pairing scheme of 9th class.

Scheme of Studies: 9th class Pairing scheme of all subjects

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Guess Papers: 9th class all boards guess papers for all subjects

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    First of all Jazak Allah Khair for the help you are providing to the teachers and students.

    Please upload your notes and relevant material in English as well.

    My best regards.

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