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9th Class Guess Paper

9th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 | Punjab Boards

Chemistry Guess Paper 9th Class 2024

9th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2023

On this page, you will find 9th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2024 in either English or Urdu medium. There are two formats for downloading the best guess papers for chemistry for the 9th class. All boards in Punjab may use our class 9 important chemistry guesses paper. BISEs in these locations include Faisalabad, Lahore, Gujranwala, Dera Ghazi Khan, Sargodha, Sahiwal, Multan, and Jammu Kashmir Boards.

Chemistry ranks among the most difficult sciences. The subject of chemistry at the secondary level can be compared to mathematics at the primary level in terms of mathematics. The candidates who are weak in this subject really just don’t care about it. While taking the subject, you may have only heard the significance of the subject.

9th Class Chemistry Guess 2024 for Punjab Boards

We have created this Guess paper in PDF format on Student Demand. I think it’s quite difficult to complete this paper in the 9th Class. You will better understand the nature of the paper by going through the 9th Class Chemistry Guess Paper. The following is a collection of some of my favorite topics that I could use to write a topic-based paper or a topic-based assignment. I’m sure there are others out there that I have overlooked, and I’d love to hear about them.

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However, you still have a hard time coping, so it has become a major issue for you. As long as you have the study materials and there will be plenty of assistance, there will be no need to worry about anything. Candidates who are weak in any other subject may also benefit from this site. It will also give you guess papers for all subjects, so even if you are weak in one or two subjects, you will be able to pass them with good grades. Here are the most important long questions from all the chapters:

9th Chemistry Most Important Long questions

Unit 1

1. (a). Explain different branches of chemistry. Also, describe the scope/applications of each branch in detail.
(b). Differentiate b/w compound & mixture.
2. (a). Differentiate b/w relative atomic mass & atomic mass unit. What is the relation b/w an amu & a gram?
(b). What is the empirical formula? Explain with examples.
3. (a). What is the chemical formula? How a chemical formula is written? Write down its steps.
(b). Define a molecule. Explain its types with examples.

Unit 2

4. (a). Explain the discovery of electrons (cathode rays). Also, write down the properties of cathode rays.
(b). Write a note on the discovery of the proton. Also, write the properties of canal rays.
5. (a).  How neutron was discovered? Write down some properties of a neutron.
(b). Explain Bohr’s atomic theory. Also, write down its postulates.
6. (a). Describe Rutherford’s experiment for the discovery of a nucleus in an atom. Also, write his observation & results.
(b). Write down applications or uses of isotopes in different fields of life.

Unit 3

7. (a). Define the modern periodic table. What was its base?
(b). Define atomic radius. Describe its trend in the periodic table.
8. (a). Define period. Explain periods from the periodic table.
(b). Write down some salient features of the long form of the periodic table.
9. (a). Define ionization energy. What is meant by 1st & 2nd ionization energies? Describe the trend of change in ionization energy in a period and a group.
(b). Define electron affinity. Why it increases in a period and decreases in a group in the periodic table?

Unit 4

10. (a). Explain coordinate covalent bonds & their formation with examples.
(b). What are ionic & covalent compounds? Write their properties & types.
11. (a).Define covalent bond. Describe its types with examples of each.
(b). Differentiate b/w polar & non-polar covalent bonds with examples.

Unit 5

12. (a). Define Boyle’s law and also write its mathematical verification.
(b).Define diffusion. What are the factors upon which the diffusion of liquid depends?
13. (a). Define Charles’ law. Also, derive its equation. Discuss its experimental verification.
(b). Write down the physical properties of the gaseous state of matter.
14. (a). What is vapor pressure? On what factors its depends? Discuss the effect of each factor on vapor pressure.
(b). Describe the phenomenon of diffusion in liquids along with factors that influence it.

Unit 6

15. (a). Make a comparison of electrolytic & galvanic cells.
(b). Define solubility. Discuss the factors upon which the solubility of solute/solvent depends. Also, discuss the effect of temperature on solubility.
16. (a). What are colloids? Write four properties of colloids. Why do colloids show the Tindal effect?
(b). Explain the preparation of sodium metal from melted/fused sodium chloride.
17. (a). Explain solute/solvent interaction in the preparation of the solution.
(b). Describe saturated and supersaturated solutions with examples.
18. (a). Compare the characteristics of a solution, a colloid, and a suspension.

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As well, you can find the 9th class chemistry notes on our website. If you want to do well on board exams, prepare them by downloading them. You can also search our website using the search engine below. I would appreciate it if you could correct any errors.

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